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Rate and Insurance


45 minute session $225
60 minute session $300

30 minute session $150
(longer or shorter sessions prorated)
Clients may receive a significant amount of their sessions reimbursed once they submit their superbill to their insurance for an "out-of-network" provider. Olympic OCD Services has no contracts with insurance companies, and clients are fully responsible for payment. As a courtesy, the therapist may offer “superbills” to clients who would like to try to seek reimbursement from their insurance for “out-of-network” services.


Some insurance companies have very particular rules and complicated reimbursement structures. The client may want to ask their insurance about deductibles, allowed amounts, which services the insurance will cover, and if there are any restrictions on what kinds of providers the client can see.
Payment in full is due at the start of each session. There are several convenient payment options: debit, credit, FSA, or HSA cards. These payment cards can be linked and processed using the Simple Practice HIPAA-compliant payment option with Stripe in the secure client portal.
Cancelation Policy
Our first three scheduled sessions have no cancellation policy - you can cancel for any reason with no notice and there is no charge. After the third scheduled session, the cancellation policy is a “30-day reschedule only policy.”
After our third session, we will decide on a recurring scheduled appointment that works best for us both. If you need to cancel and miss a session for any reason, you will be charged your full session rate and you will have 30 days to reschedule. Note that it’s possible the reschedule options may not be as ideal as your regular scheduled option. If you give more than 30 days notice of a cancellation, you will not be charged for canceling.

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